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Security Snap Poll

64% of Nigerians Do Not Feel Safe, Lack Faith in Security Services

Abuja, Nigeria. October 18, 2010 – The security situation in Nigeria- the spate of kidnappings; the recent bomb blasts, which marred the country’s 50th year of independence celebration in the capital, Abuja, despite being warned by the foreign intelligence of the attacks, as well as additional bomb threats,has left majority of its citizens feeling unsure of their safety. In response, the Federal Government has tightened the security nationwide and promised stronger legislation against terrorism.

Against the backdrop of these recent mishaps in the country, NOI Polls conducted a survey to check Nigerians’ pulse on the issue.

Nigerians were asked how safe they feel. 64% of respondents said they either felt unsafe or very unsafe. 16% said they neither felt safe nor unsafe, while only one- fifth (20%) said they either felt safe or very safe.

Respondents were further asked if they had confidence in Nigeria’s security services. 3 in every 4 respondents (75%) said they lacked confidence in Nigeria’s security services. Only 24% of people polled expressed their confidence in the country’s security services, while 1% had nothing to say about the issue.

Respondents for the snap polls were randomly selected from a database of phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 and above across the six geopolitical zones in the country, compiled by NOI Polls. 1058 people took part in the telephone interviews conducted from the 7th to the 11th of October, 2010. For a sample of this size, we can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

This poll is part of the ongoing snap poll exercise conducted by NOI Polls to rapidly assess public sentiments following various social, political or economic events. NOI Polls is a Nigeria based opinion research organization which works in technical partnership with Gallup Polls (USA), to conduct periodic opinion polls on various socioeconomic issues in Nigeria.


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