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Our Ethos


Our Ethos

Nigeria currently has a large population of over 200 million, a thriving domestic economy and a decentralized government structure of 36 states, a federal capital territory and 774 local governments, yet there is no independent polling capability in the country to ensure that the voice of ordinary citizens is heard. NOIPolls seeks to fill this gap by championing opinion research in Nigeria.


There is an apparent lack of adequate information on public perception across the Country. This lack often hampers decision-making by both businesses and governments.  Although there is a large domestic market and an emerging middle class in Nigeria, most businesses operating in the Nigerian environment know that it is difficult to assess market demand or even consumer preferences. Similarly, government policy-makers are often unable to ascertain genuine public opinion on important economic or social issues as well as important government policy changes, reforms or legislative actions.


NOIPolls aims to address this knowledge gap. NOIPolls focuses on issues of governance, market trends, management of the economy, provision of services, as well as performance of government and private sector institutions. We believe that the outputs of NOIPolls’ opinion research can help support your work whether in the private or public sector. We partner with policy makers, donor agencies, civil societies, corporate organisations, governments and the media to enhance their data set of information, ultimately adding value to their output.


The organisation was founded in November 2006 by Dr. (Mrs.) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She was former Coordinating Minister for the Economy, former Minister of Finance at Federal Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning, Nigeria, and the sitting Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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