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74 in 100 women not aware of support programmes for women

A new public opinion poll conducted by NOIPolls in the week commencing February 26th, 2024, has revealed that 74 percent of adult female Nigerians are not aware of any socioeconomic support program specifically dedicated to women in their respective communities.

Notwithstanding, almost all the female respondents (99 percent) nationwide admitted that socioeconomic support for women is important.

In addition, the poll revealed that the top three important socioeconomic support programs mentioned are access to healthcare and reproductive rights (48 percent), leadership development initiatives like workshops (40 percent) and affordable childcare options amongst other support programs mentioned. 


Furthermore, when respondents were asked about their challenges as women, 68 percent stated financial constraints, 31 percent mentioned limited access to employment opportunities and 25 percent disclosed that their challenges are caregiving responsibilities for children and elderly family members.

Similarly, the respondents were asked to state their professional challenges and the top three professional challenges mentioned are limited opportunities for career growth (13 percent), gender discrimination and bias, work-life balance and family responsibilities, and salary gap and unequal remuneration (10 percent each).   


Unfortunately, 96 percent of adult female Nigerians interviewed disclosed that they do not have any socioeconomic support program currently available to them.

With regards to their educational level, out of the 96 percent who stated that there are no socioeconomic programs currently available to them, 98 percent have post-secondary school education while 97 percent have completed tertiary (97 percent). 

Download the report here.

Women Empowerment Poll Report 2024
Download PDF • 2.03MB

Find infographics that summarize the findings of the survey in an instant.

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