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CSR: Second National Poll (Nov 2007),Third National Poll (May 2008)

Results Summary

NOI Polls is the leading opinion research organisation in Nigeria. Our surveys target economic, social and political issues that affect the general public, and our mission is to give voice to millions of Nigerians – by providing a platform for the articulation of a variety of public opinions. We are also committed to building a democratic culture in Nigeria, by supporting the activities of decision-makers in the public and private sectors, through the provision of timely and relevant information regarding public opinion on specific policies and sectoral issues.

The NOI/Gallup Poll is designed to yield a representative opinion of Nigerians through the following features:

• Face-to-face interviews • 2000 people aged 15 and above • 6 geopolitical zones • Interviews conducted in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, and Pidgin English • Sampling and analysis conducted with robust survey methodologies developed by The Gallup Poll

Questions on Corporate Social Responsibility included: Should companies give back to the community? And how? Who should be responsible for the provision and maintenance of infrastructure?

Second National Poll (November 2007) | File Size: 267 Kb / PDF


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