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Banking and Savings Report 2009

Banking and Savings Report 2009

Foreword by the CEO

NOI Polls is the leading opinion research organisation in Nigeria. Our surveys target economic, social and political issues that affect the general public, and our mission is to give voice to millions of Nigerians – by providing a platform for the articulation of a variety of public opinions. We are also committed to building a democratic culture in Nigeria, by supporting the activities of decision-makers in the public and private sectors, through the provision of timely and relevant information regarding public opinion on specific policies and sectoral issues.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first annual NOI Polls Banking and Savings Report. The Report is designed to provide executives in the banking and financial sector with statistically robust empirical data on the patronage of banking facilities by Nigerians. The Report is comprised of three sections, namely: Ownership of Bank Accounts in Nigeria, Saving Patterns in Nigeria, and Indebtedness and Access to Credit in Nigeria.

The population sample for the survey is comprised of 2,680 randomly selected Nigerians aged 15 and above who participated in structured face-to-face interviews. The interviews were conducted in September 2008 as part of the larger annual Nigeria Poll. The results were analysed in totality, for all Nigerians, and disaggregated by geopolitical region. The survey results are valid within a statistical margin of error, also known as a 95 percent confidence interval.

NOI Polls works in partnership with Gallup Poll (USA), the world’s foremost opinion research company with 30 years of international expertise, in conducting all its surveys. NOI Polls and Gallup adopt scientifically robust techniques in conducting opinion surveys.

I invite you to peruse the first NOI Polls’ Banking and Savings Report. While we recognise the challenges posed by the ongoing global economic crisis for the financial sector in Nigeria, we hope that the findings of our research present opportunities for improving service delivery and expanding business opportunities for our clients and other stakeholders in the financial sector. We firmly believe in the financial sector as a strategic engine in creating employment, accelerated economic growth and the alleviation of poverty in Nigeria.

Thank you.

Ndubisi Anyanwu CEO, NOI Polls

Banking and Savings Report 2009 | File Size: 3,946 Kb / PDF


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