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We are NOIPolls

We gauge opinions, answer questions and provide strategic recommendations for decision making across all sectors of the Nigerian economy. 



With a database of over 70 million phone numbers, the NOIPolls Opinion Polling Centre (NOPC) is dedicated to capturing opinions of Nigerians daily on any socio-economic issue; with the highest sense of quality & ethics and quick turn-around time.


NOIPolls delivers forward-thinking research and relevant data on public opinion and consumer markets. With a large field staff capacity, we have expertise in conducting nationally representative surveys across Nigeria and other West African countries.


Our dedicated world class Data Analytics team crunches simple and complex data with sophisticated statistical tools to make it useful to decision makers in any sector; for making informed decisions to drive output and improve process efficiency.


We provide industry leaders and decision makers with unbiased recommendations from evidence based findings. We achieve this by conducting rigorous research and opinion polls, and actively engaging the public to support the decision making process in the public, private and third sectors.


NOIPolls prides itself in bridging the data gap in Nigeria and West Africa. We have a rich well-organized and maintained collection of research data for easy access. We are the Go-To for over 10 years industry trends, consumer patterns, government ratings and other socio-economic issues.

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