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Vacancy; We are Hiring for the Post of Director Business Development

Job Description for Director of Business Development

Job Title:Director Business DevelopmentUnit: Business Development Location: AbujaReporting Manager:Chief Executive OfficerWork Hours: 8:30 – 5:00pm

Weekend & After business hours working may be required in accordance with Company needs and schedule.Overall Function:The Director of Business Development will be responsible for developing and leading strategic marketing and business development operations with the aim of growing NOIPolls’ business profile, reputation and client portfolio.Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for leading the Business Development unit in designing and managing business development strategies.

  2. To lead the unit in the execution of strategy projects, directives and objectives as dictated by client needs, sector developments and directives from executive management.

  3. To lead in translating broad business guidelines into specific operational plans.

  4. Develop proposals, presentations and report summaries based on survey data which will be communicated to various audiences such as clients of NOIPolls, senior government officials in Nigeria, as well the general public.

  5. Assist in strategic projects for executive level clientele.

  6. Support the Chief Exeutive Officer in developing and launching strategic initiatives with strategic frameworks for analyzing projects with existing clients and review new market opportunities.

  7. Develop financial and economic models that support the assessment and value of potential opportunities i.e. market sizing, financial analysis and financial forecasts.

  8. Oversee and position the Business Development Unit to attract more clients and oversee the growth of NOIPolls’ business to ensure that it attracts clients to the PSS, Consultancy and KMC service lines; (Business Club & Public Sector Club, conduct studies for select private and public organizations and the sale of publications).

  9. Oversee and position Business Development Unit to attract more clients.

  10. Successfully introduce new products to further enhance NOIPolls’ reputation and consolidate its wide range of competencies in today’s information and services driven economy.

  11. To prepare PowerPoint presentations and report summaries based on survey data which will be communicated to various audiences such as clients of NOIPolls, senior government officials in Nigeria, as well as to the general public.

  12. To periodically review economic literature on Nigeria and to identify trends and issues which may be relevant to on- going work at NOIPolls.

  13. To liaise with NOIPolls management team to achieve operational efficiency through implementing optimal organizational design and structure, developing effective policies and procedures and promoting good leadership.

  14. Assist the Chief Executive Officer in any other Business Development roles.

  15. To represent the Business Development unit at meetings, seminars and workshops as needed.

  16. Oversee relationship management and build sustainable relationships measured by number of renewals annually.

  17. Lead in the creation of incremental revenue generating opportunities for the company with existing client base.

  18. Lead in the creation of all phases of new business projects including market analysis, value proposition, strategic fit, economic models and launch to support new projects.

  19. Manage the Unit’s annual budget and monitor its implementation.

  20. Prepare periodic management reports on the activities of the Unit.Key Technical: Competencies The Director of Business Development must possess:

  21. Proven expertise in planning, execution, and acquisition of new business strategies.

  22. Proven success of acquiring new business clientele.

  23. Excellent leadership skills, capable of motivating unit colleagues and inspire potential clients.

  24. Exceptional presentational skills.

  25. Ability to create and implement successful targeted new business strategies.

  26. Resourceful and innovative thinker capable of developing best practice and sector appropriate solutions for clients.

  27. Collaborative and adaptive to working with the various units within the Organisation.

  28. Ability to deliver NOIPolls range of services in line with the Company’s business vision.

  29. Strong understanding of current and emerging developments in market research and various business sectors.Requirements

  30. Bsc. Business, Marketing or other related discipline

  31. Msc. Marketing, International Business, Business Development or any other related business degree

  32. At least 5 years progressive work experience in Senior Management position

  33. Experience in client/ consumer insights

  34. Brand strategy expertise (Desirable)

  35. Excellent presentation skills

  36. Exceptional negotiation skillsMode of ApplicationMode of Application

  37. All applications should be sent to


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